Second Term: Perfect Eggs

In the second term of the Delia Online Cookery School we cover the basics, and where better than eggs.

Here we have 7 lessons to guide you, from basic boiled eggs to meringues and souffles, and we promise you will be making them by the end of the term!

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Lesson 1 is the perfect boiled egg, but it's only perfect if it's cooked just the way YOU like it. So whether you like hard or soft boiled eggs, Delia shows how to make sure they are just right each time.

Lesson 2 shows you how to poach and fry eggs, but they don't just have to be for breakfast. Once you have learned these two simple ways to cook eggs you can them turn them into either a warm poached egg salad with bacon or an egg and chorizo hash for a light lunch or supper. So now you are making a whole meal and we are only only lesson 2.

Lesson 3, covers scrambled and baked eggs and they too will be perfect every time. Delia will also shows how to make a fat-free scrambled egg recipe for anyone wanting to lose a few pounds.

Lesson 4 is Omelettes, and this really is fast food. Enjoy plain or with cheese, then moving on to souffled, Savoyard and finally Spanish Omelette

In Lessons 5 and 6, Delia gently nudges your skills along to separating eggs, and what to do with them next!  This is where you will learn to make Hollandaise, mayonnaise and tartare sauce, plus the greatest English sauce of all, custard. You will also learn how to make meringues, a Pavlova that can be filled with berries according to the time of year, and finally English Trifle.

For Lesson 7 Delia shows you to make souffles, and if that makes you feel like you may be out of your depth, don't worry, she has included a recipe for twice-baked souffles that sink and then pop up again when they are finally cooked. You will also see how to make a larger cheese and potato souffle to serve 2 as well as individual chocolate and rum souffles

Enjoy our Cookery School!

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