First Term: Perfect Cakes

Join us with Delia's Cookery School, and here we start at the beginning with our first term. Perfect Cakes.

From light and springy sponge cakes, to magnificent celebratory chocolate cakes, we have all you need to guide you step-by-step.   

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This term is split into 8 lessons starting in Lesson 1, with a simple but perfect Classic Sponge Cake, Lesson 2 leads on to other sponge cakes like Coffee and Walnut Sponge Cake, Double Lemon Drizzle cake and for a bit of fun - Swiss Roll. As you progress through the term you will learn in Lesson 3, how to make little cakes which includes scones, tartlets and cup cakes.

Lesson 4 is all about Family Cakes, Delia calls them this because over the years they have proved popular with all ages, her Oatmeal Parkin is a gloriously sticky cake.

Lesson 5 has some of the easiest cakes to make - ever, Loaf Cakes. Mix in a bowl, pour into a loaf tin, shove it in the oven and wait. And that is pretty much it! Choose from an Irish Tea Cake that is jam packed with fruit, a tangy Marmalade Cake, use up bananas for a Banana and Walnut Loaf, and if you want to get a bit fancy Sticky Toffee Loaf Cake has a fudge icing.

Lesson 6 is another foolproof collection of recipes for all seasons - Muffins. Rhubarb and Orange for spring, Blueberry and Pecan for summer, Marmalade in autumn and Spiced Apple in winter.

Lesson 7 covers biscuits, from easy Semolina Shortbread to Almond Biscotti and finally Lesson 8, irresistable Chocolate Cakes including Brownies, Cup Cakes, a Chocolate Beer Cake and one of Delia's infamous recipes, Squidgy Chocolate Cake, written over 40 years ago and still going strong.

Enjoy our Cookery School!

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