Baking can be quite a nostalgic time, it may bring back memories of being a child in the kitchen watching Christmas cakes being made every year, or scones coming out of the oven, hoping to get the first one. 

So, how do we achive this if we don't have anyone to show us?  Here is your answer...  Our Baking section. Delia tells the importance of having the right ingredients and equipment before you even start, and with our own Delia Online Bakeware Range you can't go wrong.  You can learn not just how to make perfect sponge cakes, muffins, loaf cakes and fruit cakes, but how to store cakes, how to decorate your Christmas cake, the methods of cake-making, and even what to do in the unlikely event you go wrong. 

Watch the Perfect Cakes video from our Online Cookery School

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