Christmas 2022

"This year my life has been dominated by a book.  Not a cookery book, I hasten to add but a reflection on what it means to be human*. 

It has been some time in the writing, but this year I actually finished it and it was published.  And so I was introduced to the world of Literary Festivals.  I had no idea how many of them there were, in every corner of the country.

Travelling to many of them (this was the era before train strikes!) was often rewarding: there were some fine speakers and it was wonderful to meet all those who - believe it or not - turned up to listen to me.  How much the message got through I don’t know but it is essentially an optimistic book showing (to quote the publisher’s blurb) ‘how in unity with one another we can build a future in these uncertain times’.

And uncertain they are most definitely are.  The cost of living, the industrial unrest, the energy crisis - stemming largely from Russia’s shameful invasion of Ukraine - seem to have cast a blight over the festive period.  Market research is showing that families will be paying an extra ten per cent for their Christmas dinner this year, always assuming we can get hold of a turkey.  However they have reckoned without Deliaonline.  Our team have done their own research and analysis and come up with a Traditional Christmas lunch for six at under £5.50 per head.  Scroll down below and see how it works out.

May I wish you, then, a slightly merrier Christmas and, as ever, thank you for your marvellous support of Deliaonline throughout the year.

Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year!"

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Delia and Michael

* You Matter: The Human Solution.  Published by Mensch

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