Here is a special message to you from Delia and Michael for Christmas 2019

"Another milestone year. In October - slightly to my surprise - I celebrated fifty years of writing recipes! If you’re wondering what my first-ever published recipe was, it was...

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 ...Kipper Pate, and it was for the launch edition of the Mirror Magazine, a colour supplement produced by the Daily Mirror. It was also when I first met Michael, who was then the deputy editor of the magazine. Yet another millstone!  No, just kidding!  Yet another milestone.

This is my opportunity to reveal that we are re-introducing our very successful Food and Wine Workshops next year at Carrow Road. I know that quite a few of our regular viewers used to come and had a great time.  So look out for news of these events on-site, and I look forward to renewing our acquaintance.

On behalf of us both may I wish you a very happy Christmas and, above all, a calm one for those who have to cook (my countdown to Christmas - in my Christmas book, and now online here - may be a help with that)"

God bless.

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Delia and Michael

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