Third Term: Pastry, Flour Based Sauces and Batters

In this term Delia covers three topics. Pastry, Flour-based Sauces and Batters.

Pastry is used for both sweet and savoury recipes here, then we move on to sauces and batters where Delia shows how once you have mastered these basic recipes, they can be changed into something completely different by simply adding a couple more ingredients to them.  Read more

Our first lesson in this term is for very crisp, very light, Shortcrust Pastry and we show you two recipes it can be used for, English Apple Pie and Spiced Apple and Raisin One-crust Pie

In Lesson 2 you will see more recipes using Shortcrust Pastry, these are for quiche and tarts starting with a classic Quiche Lorraine, then Smoked Salmon and Dill Tart, Thick Onion Tart, and using a sweet pastry, English Custard Tart and Thick Lemon Tart.

Lesson 3, talks about Quick Flaky Pastry, and it really is quick to make, you can even make it in batches to freeze. Here Delia shows how to make Traditional Lancashire Eccles Cakes, Salmon en Croute and one of THE most popular recipes on Delia Online - Sausage Rolls!

As you progress through this term you will now move on to Lesson 4, Flour-based Sauces starting with a basic All-in-One White Sauce. Once you have got the hang of it you simply use the same recipe and add extra ingredients to turn it into Cheese Sauce, Parsley Sauce and Onion and Mustard Sauce. The final recipe in this lesson is Scallops in the Shell.

Lesson 5 is another basic recipe - Batters, this too can be used to make other recipes such as Yorkshire Pudding, Toad in the Hole and Apple Prune and Armagnac Clafoutis

Finally in this term, Lesson 6 - Pancakes.  By making the batter in lesson 5, you will then be able to make a Perfect Pancake. Thin, golden and lacy and Delia’s recipe makes 14-16. This basic recipe is used to make Kaiserschmarrn and Crepes Suzette.

Enjoy your Cookery School!

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