Fourth Term: Bread for Beginners

One of the staples we buy all the time, and yet there are hardly any ingredients required to make a gorgeous, homemade loaf.

In fact, many of the recipes in this term of our Online Cookery School only need four - and one of them is water!

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Simple, easy, therapeutic and rewarding, making a loaf of homemade bread is all these things. Minimal ingredients that are all storecupboard, easy instructions to follow, knead the dough to get rid of your tension - and voila, a lovely loaf at the end of it that will smell divine and taste amazing. In this term Bread for Beginners, we start with Lesson 1, and in our video Delia shows you how to make wholemeal breads, starting with a standard Wholemeal Loaf, and then progressing on to Wholemeal Rolls, a Seeded Loaf and finally Traditional Irish Soda Bread.

In Lesson 2, watch how to make an Easy White Loaf, Poppy Seed Rolls, French Bread (which is unbelievabley easy), and finally a French version of pizza, Pissaladiere.

We then move on to Speciality Breads in Lesson 3. This includes Focaccia, Potato Bread with Goats' Cheese & Thyme and Pinzini small triangles of dough fried quickly until they puff up and then served warm.

Once you have made bread, what else can you do with it? In Lesson 4 Delia shows you just that, using your French bread to make Spanish Tomato Bread and Bruschetta with Tomato & Basil. White bread (preferably slightly stale so nothing is going to waste here), is used to make Queen of Puddings, and if you are fed up with having toast made of shop bought white bread, it will taste so much better if you use your homemade white loaf to make Perfect Toast.

Lesson 5 in this term is a recipe for Christmas Stollen, a rich fruity bread which is filled with marzipan and iced with a light glaze.  Although its title suggests it's for Christmas time, it's too good to only make then, Delia's recipe makes two so you can pop one in the freezer to keep for later.

Lesson 6, is Hot Cross Buns, and here they are packed with currants and candied peel

Enjoy our Cookery School!

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