First Term: Lesson 2 - Other Kinds of Sponge Cakes

In our second lesson in the Perfect Cakes Term Delia expands on the Classic Sponge Cake by showing how to make Other Kinds of Sponge Cakes. Read more

One of the most popular over the years is Coffee and Walnut Sponge Cake.  To make it we use exactly the same ingredients as in our first lesson, except instead of vanilla extract we use instant espresso powder with the addition of chopped walnuts. Delia shows an important technique in cake making - folding in the ingredients. Use a metal spoon and the mixture literally gets folded over. Scoop it right from the base and just lift and gently fold over.  Why like this?  Because once again we need to keep all that precious air which has been whisked into the mixture. Not knock it all out by being too rough. The cake is cooked in exactly the same way as lesson 1 but you get a big more cake owing to the nuts.  Instead of using an oversweet buttercream Delia uses a lighter alternative, and Italian dairy ingredient called mascarpone, which is very thick, luscious and creamy.  Delia fills and tops the cake.

Having a bit of fun Delia makes a Swiss Roll using the Delia Online Range swiss roll tin and washable and reusable specially cut liner. You will be amazed at how easy and quick it is. Almost the same as the vanilla Sponge Cake, but the good news this time using half the fat. When the mixture goes into the tin it looks a bit mean, but not to worry as it rises beautifully in the oven. Delia shows how to fold up the sponge to make a Swiss Roll.

Now you've learned how to make a sponge cake you will find this one very hard to beat - because homemade - this Double Lemon Drizzle Cake with Poppy Seeds is another league.  A larger mixture than before with 3 eggs. Delia uses our larger 20cm deeper loose based cake tin, greased and lined with our washable base liner. A longer cooking time this time until you get the same springy centre. Leave the cake in the tin. Stab the cake all over with a skewer, spoon the syrup evenly over the top, allowing it to sink down into the hot cake. Finally sprinkle with the granulated sugar and poppyseeds. Leave it to get quite cold.  Delia shows how to remove a cake from a loose base tin. You don't need to spend money on extra springform tins as they are difficult to clean and the clip can eventually break. What you've got now is a very crunchy sugary top and a fragrant, sharp, very syrupy cake inside. 

So now you've learned how to make sponge cakes you can now confidently make any recipe from our collection here online. 

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