First Term: Lesson 1 - Classic Sponge Cake

Here's our very first lesson in the Delia Online Cookery School - How to make a Classic Sponge Cake.  

Delia starts by looking at equipment as this will make or break your first attempt. The right sized tins, these are crucial. For sponge cakes they need to be 18cm by 4cm (in fact our own British made Delia Online Range of sponge tins are slightly deeper - 4.5cm - which will encourage sponges to rise even better).  Delia shows our own washable and reusable liners manufactured by Bake-0-Glide.

Another piece of crucial equipment, weighing scales. Electronic scales are very lightweight and inexpensive. Next, a large roomy mixing bowl, because cakes need plenty of air, this lightweight bowl won't chip or break and is very easy to handle. A sieve for sifting the flour, an electric handwhisk which will make very light work of it all, although a wooden spoon is okay if you are willing to use a little bit of energy. A rubber spatula for getting out the last scrap of mixture, a tablespoon, a teaspoon, a palette knife for spreading and a sharp knife to cut the cake. Finally, two wire racks for cooling and an icing sugar shaker. 

Delia moves onto the ingredients needed for a Classic Sponge Cake and shows how to mix and cook the cakes.

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