Toad in the Hole with Roasted Onion Gravy

35 minutes - 40 minutes
to cook

I can't give this high enough accolades - it's a simply wonderful creation from the humble origins of British cooking.

If only you could order it in a restaurant, though. Can I persuade anyone? It is, after all, a sort of fusion food - a fusion of light, crispy, crunchy batter and plump, meaty pork sausages, all moistened with a generous amount of roasted-onion jus. Here's hoping.

The Delia Online Cookery School: You can now watch how to make Toad in the Hole in our video, click the image to play. Onion Gravy is also included in the Perfect Gravy Video on this page.

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Firstly put the tin with the lard in the oven, whilst it pre-heats grill the sausages under the pre-heated grill for about 5 minutes on each side, so that they are just lightly browned.

Whilst the sausages are grilling make up the batter. Sift the flour into a bowl (with a cloth under it to keep it steady), holding the sieve quite high to give the flour a good airing, add some seasoning and then make a well in the centre. Break the egg into it and beat it with an electric hand whisk (you can also use a balloon whisk), gradually incorporating the flour, and then beat in the milk and water.

When it's all in slide a rubber spatula all around the sides and base of the bowl to get any escaped bits of flour. Then give it one more whisk. There is no need to leave the batter to stand, so make it when you're ready to cook the toad in the hole. When the sausages are browned, place the tin over direct high heat, turned to high. Then arrange the sausages in the tin and pour in the batter all round and immediately put the whole thing in the oven on the highest possible shelf for 30-35 minutes until well risen and browned.

Serve it immediately with onion gravy and it’s absolutely wonderful with mashed potato.


Pre-heat the grill to its highest setting and the oven to 220°C, gas mark 7

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You will need a Delia Online Oblong Tin 20cm by 26cm, 4cm deep (or a similar tin that can be placed over direct heat with about 1 litre capacity)

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