"No let-up then. The pandemic continues in its various Greek alphabet guises and we do what we can to salvage what’s left of Christmas.  It may turn out that the safest place to be is in the kitchen. You can legitimately shoo people away (too many cooks and all that) and Christmas puddings aren’t going to pass on the virus.

It hasn’t been all bad.  In one of the periods of relative freedom we were granted, we did manage to get a week in Cornwall, actually in the hotel where the G7 had been held.  They have lovely apartments right on the beach and we found ourselves in the one where Boris had stayed - which perhaps goes to show you can’t really get away from a pandemic!

That apart, it’s been back to the kitchen and never having had so much time on our hands we decided to revisit some of Delia’s old recipes, some of them dating back fifty (yes, fifty) years.  Those were the days when fresh herbs were virtually unheard of in supermarkets, freshly-milled black pepper was almost avant-garde, and olive oil came from chemists.

Rather to our relief the recipes had stood the test of time, but made us think how lucky we are today when almost all ingredients are widely available and foreign influences have given our cooking a new impetus.

Nevertheless our Christmas lunch will be as traditional as they come. And we will be conscientiously following our Christmas countdown which you can find here Christmas: the last 36 hours.  I commend it to you as taking away a lot of the stress.

So have a Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year"

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Delia and Michael

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