Bangers Braised in Cider

50 minutes - 1 hour
to cook

This is an early recipe of mine circa 1973, but so popular has it been over the years.

I wouldn’t change it in any way, except of course we didn’t get free-range pork in our sausages then.

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This recipe is from Delia's Frugal Food. Serves 2-3

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First place the casserole over a medium heat, add a little oil and when it’s hot, brown the sausages all round – it’s important to get them well browned.

Then, using a draining spoon, remove them to a plate whilst you brown the lardons and shallots lightly. When that’s done, sprinkle in the flour to soak up the juices, then gradually stir in the cider. Now pop the sausages back in along with the garlic, bay leaf, fresh thyme and sprigs. Add some freshly milled black pepper (no salt needed).

Now put a lid on as soon as it begins to simmer, then transfer it to the oven for 30 minutes. After that remove the lid and let it continue to cook for a further 20–30 minutes. Towards the end of the time, fry the apple rings in butter till golden and soft, and garnish the casserole with them. This is obviously going to need some very creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes, and depending on the time of year, I would serve some tender, squeaky, lightly cooked spring greens.

Notes on ingredients
I prefer the herb-flavoured Lincolnshire sausages with this, but Hampshire breed free-range plain, or Cumberland sausages, can be used instead.

Nutrition 601kcals/19.6g carbohydrate/10g sugars/39g fat/13.9g saturated fat/4.4g salt per serving for 3

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