As a nation we have become increasingly preoccupied with the subject of healthy eating.This has meant a new demand for low-fat foods, which has inspired an increased supply.

Products like real Greek yoghurt and French fromage frais are helping us all to cut down on too much cream and fat in recipes. What I always advocate is balance. Some of my recipes do indeed include butter (for sweating vegetables or making sauces, for instance) but the amount is usually minimal, and unless you are already spreading butter on bread so thick your teeth leaves marks in it, it is not likely to be excessive (personally I spread my bread with a low-fat dairy spread and I find this gives me a little licence with butter for cooking).

Also, wherever possible, I use groundnut and olive oil in preference to other fats.

My own philosophy could be summed up thus: I would rather eat a roast chicken with butter once a month than eat it three times a week with none. But I think that, as a general rule, it is the responsibility of each of us individually to assess our eating habits and take the appropriate action.

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