Bangers with Caramelised Red Onions and Mustard Mash

Everyone loves banger and mash and now we don't have to peel, boil or mash the potatoes it's great to enjoy it a bit more often.

NOTE: This recipe is from the book Delia's How to Cheat at Cooking, which was published in 2008; therefore you may have difficulty finding the exact named shop ingredients that were available then.  We have kept these recipes on the site, as we know many people have successfully adapted them to what is currently available

The Delia Online Cookery School: If you prefer homemade mashed potatoes, you can watch how to make them in our video for Perfect Mashed Potatoes. Press the recipe image to play.

A picture of Delia's How to Cheat at Cooking

This recipe is from Delia's How to Cheat at Cooking. Serves 2

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Heat the oil in a frying-pan and fry the sausages over a medium heat, turning them once or twice, for 15-20 minutes.

After that, turn the heat up, pour in the red wine, red wine vinegar and add the thyme and let it bubble and reduce for 1 minute before adding the caramelised red onions. Stir them around to melt and cook on a low heat for about 2 minutes, then add some seasoning.

Cook the mashed potato from frozen according to the instructions on the pack, then beat in the rest of the ingredients and some seasoning.  Serve with the sausages, with the sauce poured over.

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