Weighing and Measuring

If you want to cook really well Delia explains you need to know how to Weigh and Measure everything. Slugs of this, and handfuls of that, are not very helpful for beginners.  

Something I could never do without is a flexible tape measure, it isn't any good trying to guess what 3cm looks like when for example rolling out a scone mix.  Knowing the exact measurements will save you tons of time in the end. Delia shows her favourite weighing scales because they have a completely flat surface so you can weigh your mixing bowl, or saucepan, before you weigh the ingredients into it. Just have spare batteries to hand.  

Accurate liquid measurements are just as vital as weights.  Come down to eye level so you know exactly when you have the right amount. After over 40 years of writing recipes Delia shares her preferred measuring spoons. A traditional teaspoon, dessertspoon and tablespoon. My advice is not to use measuring spoons sets because a. they vary and b. in traditional English cooking they are a bit on the mean side.  

And one final word about sticky treacle or syrup that which can be very difficult to measure, just place the open jar or tin in a pan of barely simmering water for 5 minutes or so.  The syrup then becomes runnier and is far easier to measure for either a spoonful or to measure in to a saucepan.  You will now know when you have exactly the right measurement. 

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