Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Raisins Soaked in Pedro Ximenez Sherry

Pedro Ximenez sherry is sweet, nutty and tastes of raisins.

An easy instant dessert with a wonderful combination of flavours. If you have some good-quality vanilla bean ice cream stashed away in the freezer, the raisins will keep in a jar as long as you want, and you can serve it any time you like.

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This recipe is from Delia's Happy Christmas. Serves 4

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Put the raisins and sherry in a screw-top jar, give it a shake and store in a cool place for at least a week.

Serve scoops of ice cream topped with raisins and sherry - and give everyone a glass of Pedro Ximenez on the side.


good-quality vanilla bean ice cream
4 tablespoons Pedro Ximenez sherry

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