Toffee-fudge Bananas with Toasted Nuts

The world record for making this recipe is not five minutes, but just three – it's quite simply the fastest dessert recipe I've ever come across.

It's also amazingly good, and if it is conceivable that anybody on this earth does not love delectably thick Greek yoghurt, then you can make it just as well with whipped cream.

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Right, on your marks, get ready…

Pop the Brazil nuts, spread out on some foil, under the grill about 4 inches (10 cm) from the heat and put a timer on for 3 minutes (if you don't have a timer keep an eye on them, because they will burn if you forget them), then keep them to one side for later. You can also watch how to do this in our Online Cookery School Video.

Now peel and slice the bananas into thin rounds and place them in a large bowl, then add the yoghurt and mix well. Next, divide the mixture between the serving glasses and simply sprinkle the sugar equally over the 4 portions of banana. Now cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge for about 3 hours – after this time the sugar will have transformed itself into lovely pools of fudge sauce.

Now all you need to do is chop the toasted nuts, sprinkle them on top, serve and wait for the compliments.


You will also need 4 individual serving glasses, each with a capacity of 7 fl oz (200 ml).

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