St Patrick's Day

Celebrated on March 17th, St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, and our small collection of Delia's recipes all have a little a nod to the Emerald Isle...Read more

Irish Stew is lamb cooked slowly with root vegetables for 2 hours, add on an extra 30 minutes if you are including dumplings and serve the Irish way with boiled cabbage. Traditional Irish Soda Bread will conjour up images of Ireland, as Delia says "As it bakes in the oven and the aroma reaches you, close your eyes, picture the beauty of the Irish landscape and dream you're there. It's heaven just spread generously with butter and good jam, or, now that we can buy good Irish cheeses, a chunk of Cashel Blue or Milleens with this bread, as well as a glass of Murphy's or Guinness, will give you a little taste of that wonderful country, even though you're not there".  And don't forget - you can watch how to make soda bread in Delia's Cookery School Video for speciality breads, as well as her recipe for Very Fruity Irish Tea Cake which is included in the Loaf Cakes lesson Read less

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