Lemons, limes and oranges

Lemons, limes and oranges

Citrus fruits always add a little zing to cooking, whether it's in a salad dressing, a sauce or a pie

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Our recipes using three familiar ingredients lemons, limes and oranges include Delias twist on a conventional tartare sauce, here using limes and coriander. Lemon curd is a popular recipe and a joy to make, and we also have recipes for Chicken with Lemon Sauce, Greek Lamb Baked in Lemon and Garlic, and a no-cook Lemon and Lime Refrigerator Cake. Oranges of course, are centre stage for marmalade and you can watch how to make Seville Orange Marmalade in our Cookery School video. Apple and Orange Crunch, is a super hot pudding that's perfect for winter, or a summery Fresh Orange and Passion Fruit Cake for the warmer months Read less

The Delia Online Cookery School: Make quick work of zesting and juicing your citrus fruits our Cookery School video. Press the image to play.

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