Waist Watchers

Waist Watchers

The Delia Online Cookery School: Watch how to make Slimmers’ Scrambled Eggs in our video, just press the image to play.

Just because you want to reduce fat in your diet doesn't mean you have to eat foods that are boring or bland.

These low-fat recipes from Delia are perfect for diet days or when you simply want something light to eat.

Delia's recipes include salad dressings that won't pile the pounds on, with her versions of low fat mayonnaise, blue cheese, vinagrette and thousand island. A Hollandaise for when asparagus is available, and a yoghurt seafood sauce for shellfish. Soup is a great go-to for dieting, and we have minestrone, pumpkin and roasted tomato, a Thai chicken broth with a spicy kick and a completely no-fat roasted root vegetable soup, just the thing to keep hunger pangs at bay between meals.  There are plenty of fish recipes ranging from steamed fish with ginger, oven-baked mackerel and pepper crusted monkfish. Lighter meat recipes of satay chicken, chicken kebabs and oriental chicken, as well as Hung-shao pork and grilled venison steaks. Of course one thing sure to kick in when you are on a diet is a sweet tooth, so it's Delia to the rescue with baked apple meringues, cheesecake, squidgy chocolate cakes and even a low fat carrot cake

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