Soup chilled yoghurt and cucumber soup with mint

Chilled Yoghurt and Cucumber Soup with Mint

This deliciously light and subtle soup is incredibly easy and quick to make.

However it does need some fresh British cucumbers and not the rather tasteless imported ones.

This recipe is taken from Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course and The Delia Collection: Soup 6-8

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First of all peel the cucumber thinly with a potato peeler so as to leave some of the green, then slice it.

Reserve a few slices to garnish the soup, then place the rest in a liquidiser along with the yoghurt, soured cream and crushed garlic. Switch on and blend at the highest speed until smooth.

Add a seasoning of salt and pepper and lemon juice, then pour the soup into a tureen and if it seems to be a little too thick, thin it with some cold milk. Now stir in the chopped fresh mint, cover with foil or with a lid and chill very thoroughly for several hours before serving. To serve, ladle the soup into individual soup bowls and float a few thin slices of cucumber and a thin slice of lemon on each one.

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