'If you can't make pastry, or don't even know how to start, the very first thing to is forgive yourself and not feel guilty."  These are Delia's words in her book Complete How To Cook... Read more

...but going one better than showing you how to make pastry in book form, she devoted three lessons of our Online Cookery School to pastry and their recipes. Her Quick Flaky and Shortcrust pastry lessons are in an easy to follow format, and you can stop and start the videos as you go along at your own speed.

Shortcrust pastry is used for English Apple Pie and Spiced Apple and Raisin One-crust Pie. Quiches and tarts include Quiche Lorraine, Thick Onion Tart, English Custard Tart and Thick Lemon Tart. Quick Flaky Pasty lives up to its title and really is quick to make, a versatile pastry, it can be made into batches and frozen and is used here for Traditional Lancashire Eccles Cakes, Salmon en Croute and Sausage Rolls. 

Click here for the Delia Online Cookery School Pastry Lessons

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The Delia Online Cookery School: Watch how to make Quick Flaky Pasty in our Cookery School video. Just click the mage to play.

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