Christmas: Lunch on a budget

Christmas: Lunch on a budget

If you are feeling the financial pinch, you don't need to scrimp on Christmas lunch.

A few years ago team Delia took up the challenge to see if we could devise a menu for those cooking on a budget.  After engaging in some intricate research, we shopped, calculated, tested and cooked. The results were astonishing, even we could hardly believe it! Our three-course menu for 6 people came to under £5 per head, and in 2022 the price had risen to £5.50. 

Delia has always said cooking at home saves a load of money but it is quite astonishing how this really kicks in at Christmas, and if you stick to these recipes, you should be able to serve your Christmas lunch for a lot less than you think. Some of the recipes are all shown below, and for more details, checklists and planning Click Here. 

The Delia Online Cookery School: Make sure your roast potatoes are perfect. Watch how to make them in our video. Just click the image to play.

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