Simple Decoration for a Christmas Cake

There really couldn't be an easier or quicker way to top a cake.

Just finish it off by tying it with a pretty Christmas ribbon.

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This recipe is from Delia's Happy Christmas. For a 18cm Square or a 20cm Round cake

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First melt the jam with the Armagnac in a small saucepan, stirring until all the lumps have dissolved.

Now, using a brush, coat the surface of the cake quite generously. Take the almond icing (marzipan - see recipe below) and roll it out on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar and cut out to fit the top of the cake. Then place this over the top of the cake. Repeat with the icing and place this over the marzipan. Using the cutter, cut out a shooting star from the remaining rolled-out icing, dampen one side of it with cold water and place this side on top of the cake.

Decorate the edges of the cake and the star with silver balls, using a little beaten egg white mixed with a little icing sugar as a glue to keep the silver balls in place.


1 tablespoon Armagnac
350g ready-made almond icing (marzipan)
350g ready-to-roll white icing
silver balls, to decorate


You will need a shooting-star cookie cutter

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