Just when you thought you couldn't eat another thing - dessert arrives, and who can resist?

The Delia Online Cookery School: Some of the recipes in this collection ask for egg whites, and if that makes you feel nervous, take a look at our video for Perfect Egg Whites and you can watch how to get them right every time.

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Summer desserts include ice creams, sundaes and jellies and for winter we have souffles, crumbles and pies. How about rib-sticking Spotted Dick or Bread and Butter Pudding? There are plenty of cheesecakes to choose from, Profiteroles for Easter, an Iced Pudding for Christmas, and if you are watching the pounds you don't need to be left out as Delia's recipes for Rhubarb Fool and Cappucino Cheesecakes are both low fat

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