Home-made Muesli


My quarrel with some of the branded muesli is that they usually contain rather a lot of dried milk powder (which is not really something I want to eat in spoonfuls) plus the inevitable sugar, making most of them too sweet.

If you have a wholefood shop within easy distance you can probably buy an unsweetened muesli base, or you can buy the grains and other ingredients and make it at home. This is only a guide: you can add or subtract as you like.

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This is a basic mixture, but there are 101 variations – the nuts for instance could be roasted hazelnuts, brazils, walnuts or, if you’re feeling rich, slivered roast almonds with the skins left on.

The fruit too can be varied: chopped dates, dried apricots or figs, or chopped dried apple rings. Personally I think the proportion of fruit here make the addition of sugar unnecessary, but if it isn’t sweet enough for you add some more dried fruit.

When serving muesli you can sprinkle in some wheat bran, which will slip down unnoticed amongst all the other good things. Wheatgerm, oatgerm and oat bran can be added too and fresh fruits in season. Other optional items might be dried banana flakes or chopped dried prunes. Milk is always poured over and, if you’re trying to cut down on fats, semi-skimmed milk is better.


8oz (225g) wholewheat flakes
8oz (225g) rye flakes
8oz (225g) whole oat flakes
8 oz (225g) barley flakes
12oz (350g) unsalted roasted peanuts
6oz (175g) sunflower seeds

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