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Christmas: The Last 36 Hours

Don't panic if it's your first time for cooking Christmas lunch. 

Delia's foolproof, well-used (by her), guide to he last 36 hours will make sure you are on track from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day.

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Scaling up cake recipes

We receive a lot of requests for wedding cakes and Christmas cakes of varying sizes.

So, using Delia’s Rich Fruit Cake, we have calculated the ingredients list and cooking times for you.

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Conversion tables

Ever agonised over Fan Oven temperatures, converting American cups to grams?

Or want to know what 300ml is in fluid ounces? Our conversion chart will help.

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Freezing Advice

Busy cooks like to cook for the freezer, but it can be difficult to know what can be frozen and what can't.

Here's a guide to the big chill.

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Food allergies

It's not just peanuts: nuts in general, found in many dishes and foods, can be life-threatening for many people.

Here's our guide to what to eat, what to avoid, and where to go for more information and nut-free products.

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