How to joint a raw chicken

This is nothing to be afraid of. First of all, if you're buying a chicken from a butcher, you can ask him to joint it for you. If you need to do it yourself at home, the main requirement is a really sharp knife. Follow the instructions and pictures, and don't worry too much if the joints aren't perfectly neat – once the chicken is cooked no one will know. With the

very sharp knife, begin by cutting through the parson's nose.

Then stand the chicken in a vertical position, insert the knife into the cut you've just made and cut straight down the back of the chicken

Place the chicken skin side down, open it out flat like a book and cut right through the breastbone.

Now turn the chicken halves over, stretch out the leg and cut through the line dividing the leg from the breast.

For six portions, turn the legs over, find the thin white line at the centre of the joint and cut through it.

If you need eight portions, simply cut the breast portion in half.

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