Introducing DoughBed by Sourhouse Kickstarter Offer

Discover DoughBed by Sourhouse, a game-changer for home bakers everywhere.

Tired of playing the temperature guessing game with your dough? You're not alone. Erik Fabian and Jennifer Yoko Olson, two passionate sourdough aficionados from the US, have crafted the ultimate solution. DoughBed tackles the challenge of inconsistent kitchen temperatures head-on, maintaining your dough in the coveted 'Goldilocks Zone' of 75-82˚F [24-28˚C] during the crucial first proof.

This all-in-one proofing marvel isn't just for sourdough purists; it seamlessly accommodates both shop-bought yeast and homemade starters. Its design is as ingenious as it is stylish: a cork warming mat prevents heat loss on chilly countertops, while a transparent glass dough bowl, reminiscent of traditional wooden ones, keeps your dough in plain sight. The cork lid ensures the warmth stays in, all powered by an energy-efficient USB plug.

Don't miss the chance to be among the first to experience DoughBed at exclusive Kickstarter prices until May 31st, 2024 for details visit the DoughBed campaign page on Kickstarter .

Building on the success of their inaugural product, Goldie, Erik and Jennifer continue to revolutionize the world of sourdough baking. Goldie, their previous Kickstarter sensation, paved the way for thousands to embrace sourdough baking with its innovative solution for consistent starter temperatures.

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Goldie is available to buy in the UK (approx. £130) through sites including, The Sourdough Club and Sous Chef. DoughBed will be available early 2025. Learn more about Sourhouse at

Keep an eye out for our exclusive competition with Sourhouse to win a Goldie bundle, coming soon!

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