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There are important things to say about spices - not just in cakes but in all cooking, namely how to conserve their flavour, particularly once they are ground.

There are two enemies of flavour. The first is light, the second is air. Spices sold in glass jars are displayed under constantly glaring lights. Then once the jar is opened as more and more is used, it is exposed to more and more air. For this reason I now only buy spices from a firm called Seasoned Pioneers. The spices are high quality, and they cleverly pack them in foil packs to shield them from the light. Then when you begin to use them you can reseal them, eliminating any air. They have a very good online or postal service

Seasoned Pioneers
Unit 8 Stadium Court
Stadium Road
Plantation Business Park
CH62 3RP

Tel: 0800 068 2348
Web: Seasoned Pioneers

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