Redcurrants and Whitecurrants

I like the combination of redcurrants mixed with strawberries and raspberries in equal quantities for one of the simplest of desserts.

Hand them round with caster sugar and cream, and summer is in every spoonful. Whitecurrants can be used as well for added contrast of colour, and this combination makes a lovely filling for Meringues with Summer Fruit. To prepare currants, all you do for a hasty separation of currants from stalks is take a bunch in one hand, hold the stalk firmly, then slide the stalk in between the prongs of a fork held in the other hand. Now pull from top to bottom, sliding them all off in one swift movement.

Redcurrant jelly: Redcurrant jelly is an invaluable ingredient for sauces, gravies or just to serve with lamb or game – but do make sure it’s a good-quality one with a high fruit content, such as Tiptree: cheaper versions are far too sweet, which obliterates the real flavour of the redcurrants, or better still make your own - see recipe below.

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