When you're standing before a ripe, plump mango and you can feel its soft ripeness and smell its quite overwhelming fragrance, that is a time to rejoice.

Fast jets now mean everybody can enjoy this most luscious and succulent of fruits, with its dazzling orange-yellow flesh. The fruit itself is fragrant, with a custard flavour. That said, a mango is always rather awkward to prepare, but first you need to check that it's ripe. Colour is not an indication: the skins are variously green, red, yellow-orange or even vaguely purple. As with an avocado, you need to hold the fruit in your hand and feel a 'give' of softness when you exert a little pressure. Smell, too, can help you – the riper it is the heavier the perfume.

I love to eat mango on its own with a squeeze of lime, whic seems to bring out the flavour of the fruit.  Mango and Sultana Salsa featured here, goes beautifully with chicken, and you'll find Thai Fish Curry with Mango here quite exquisite.

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