Fromage frais

Fromage frais is a fresh curd cheese introduced to this country from France and made from pasteurised cows’ milk.

 Basically, it has very little fat, but cream is added to make 4 per cent (or 8 per cent) fromage frais. The 4 per cent is fine eaten on its own with honey or fruit purée, or used as a topping – especially for anyone on a low-fat diet. The 8 per cent is the best one for cooking. Either of these can be used in savoury sauces or as a topping for jacket potatoes with a few snipped chives.

Alternatively, there is a diet, virtually fat-free version (0.1 per cent), which is ideal in dips. For a cool, light, low-fat dessert, see the recipe for individual fromage frais puddings with red fruit compote.

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