Slices, spatulas and tongs

Fish slices

Something of a misnomer, because a fish slice will come in useful when frying all kinds of things. Its flat blade should have plenty of flexibility in it – the rigid ones simply can't slide under delicate things such as fried eggs without damaging them.


The brilliantly designed, flexible, spoon-shaped spatula (Rubbermaid) is far and away the most efficient means of scraping every last drop of sauce out of the pan. It also clears a bowl of dough or other mixture in seconds and much more effectively than scraping with a spoon. It comes in various sizes and I would recommend you invest in a small, medium and large one. You won't be sorry. NOTE: Rubbermaid Spatulas can be very difficult to find, try Amazon, and if they are in stock it's worth ordering as they come and go.

Kitchen tongs

These will permit you to turn steaks, chops or sausages without piercing them and losing their juices. My husband insists on a pair for his barbecue.

Pasta tongs

These really do lift spaghetti out of the pan very efficiently and quickly without losing any.

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