Loaf Tin and Muffin Tray

A picture of Delia's Loaf Tin and Muffin Tray equipment

For Delia's Loaf Cakes, you can buy traditional Loaf Cake liners - the ones with little pleats - for loaf tins and round tins, and paper cases for muffin trays which are great for some keeping cakes (as keeping the liners on helps to prevent them drying at the edges).

The Delia Online Loaf Tin made by Silverwood is called, by Silverwood and fellow tradesmen, a 1lb loaf pan/tin because it was originally sold to bakers as a 1lb pan and produced a 1lb loaf. However, many manufactures who also produce loaf pans/tins call the equivalent sized tin a 2lb tin because it actually holds 2lb of wet mixture.

Therefore a Silverwood 1lb loaf tin, a Delia Online/Silverwood tin or a traditional 2lb loaf tin are all the same size.

A 2lb long loaf tin is not a shape that is suited to Delia’s loaf cakes.

For stockists of our Loaf Tin and Muffin Tray click here

Loaf Tin Liners:  The 2lb Traditional (pleated) Loaf Tin Liner from Lakeland fits the Delia Online Loaf Tin perfectly for cake making.

Muffin Cases: available from Lakeland

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