A picture of Delia's Graters equipment


A handy tool for grating a small amount of cheese or vegetables, each side grates to a different fineness, and one of its endearing qualities is that it is so easy to clean.  I tend to use two of the sides: the coarse grater for, say, Cheddar and the slightly finer side for Parmesan. The very prickly looking side tends to grate too finely and gets clogged up.


Nutmeg is a spice that quickly loses its edge if bought ready-ground. I use a small nutmeg grater, which has a built-in compartment for holding a few whole nutmegs. It hangs on a hook within arms reach, ready for instant use.


The flat version is relatively new, and super-efficient at grating fresh ginger.  There are three kinds: very fine, coarse and coarser again. Be careful when grating citrus zests, though, as I find it can remoe some of the bitter pith as well.


When you want only the outer zest of a lemon (or lime or orange and none of the bitter pith, a zester does the job perfectly.  The outer zest of the fruit contains all the fragrance and oils that give maxium flavour. 

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