Any luck with your veg patch?

We know many of you are keen on gardening, so here's your latest plot: dug over, weed free and ready to sow the seeds of new ideas...


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Sue G

Any luck with your veg patch?

First time growing veg this year.

Didn't start to well, watched and waited for others in the village to start planting. Then one week later had terrible rain for 3 weeks so most of the seeds were washed away.

Bought green beans/ sugar peas seedlings. also potatoes/radish & beetroot
Kids bought some tomato, courgette at there school they are doing well.

. Sugar peas got attacked by some thick black sticky stuff, so no good

Green beans are going good, Little one and i pick about 1 kilo today,

also dug 5 kilos of potatoes, the leaves had started to go a strange colour due to sun/rain cold/hot weather. So we dug them all up just incase.

Not to sure what happened to the radish, was growing really well, then they shot up about 50cm, but no radish when i had a look.

Beetroot has been in the ground since end of April it is still the size of a golf ball, huge leaves, not to sure how long it takes to grow.??

Yesterday i got a Rhubarb plant not sure if i should leave it in the pot or plant it, ground is pretty dry even with the rain??

Not sure i will bother next year, seem to have spent quite a lot and not much to show for it.

How are your veg growing??

Expat Badger

veg patch

mine's not going well this year

i planted two rows of carrots - if i get three carrots out of it i'll be lucky - they just haven't grown

the beets look good - the plant bit does get pretty big - i usually look for them to break the surface and then you can tell when they are big enough to dig up

the leeks are growing v v v slowly and the peas are on the move now too

the squashes - well i think i might get one of each

it's all a bit sad. Maybe my seeds are too old and i should have got some new ones this year


Veg patch

Different country to you Sue I know, but this wet summer hasn't been good for my veggies really.

Onions (red and white), compared to last year are smaller. Perhaps we didn't feed the ground enough (they are on ground that had potatoes last year and perhaps that is the problem).

Asparagus, though slow to start (this is it's 2nd year) did really well.

Blueberries... a little creature has found them (even though they are in a fruit cage) and whereas last year we could keep up, this year we've had had any and the creature has got at them first.

Strawberries.... hundreds of berries, but texture was disappointing... a bit wet. Flavour okay.

Raspberries still young, but grown well with all this rain... though new plants, no watering required.

Lettuce has been inclined to bolt very quickly.

Rocket bolted

Herbs... parsley, marjoram, basil bolted.

Leeks are doing really very well... probably the only thing that I think has done well.

Tomatoes are excellent 10/10.... but they are in the greenhouse!


Veg Patch

Mostly poor here. Outdoor cucumbers died, spinach died, radish won't form globes, beetroot all leaves.

Potatoes got blight although the Charlotte were ready for harvest. We had to harvest the Anya too early. (We don't grow a main crop potato)

Alderman peas only flowered towards the top of the plants, runner beans slow. Sweet corn slow.

Red onions, shallots and garlic very small.

Black currents fair, raspberries poorish, few plums, no pears, no gages, damson tree looking sick, 3 of 4 apples not looking happy.

Asparagus very good, rhubarb good, Cobra beans good, little gem lettuce very good. Leeks very good (and we had our first ones for tea yesterday!)

Greenhouse tomatoes good but I don't think the Roma tomato has cropped as heavily as last year.

A new one for me this year and a winner is Hansel aubergine. They have cropped well and the fruit can be harvested from about 2-3 inches long. It's ideal for our small greenhouse.


Veg Patch

Oh and seeing basil mentioned. A couple of plants bolt but overall, our (Greek) basil has done well. Moving the pots to find out locations they liked seemed to be the key.

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