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Christmas Stollen

christmas-pudding Make a wish this Sunday and you could be a winner!    

This Sunday November 23rd, is stir-up Sunday, a tradition started by the Victorians. When you have mixed all your Christmas Pudding ingredients together, each member of the family should also give it a stir and make a wish. So if you are following Delia's Traditional Christmas Pudding recipe this year make it a truly traditional occasion by getting all the family involved, and who knows, they might even help with the washing up!

We also have an exclusive Facebook and Twitter competition, by posting up a photograph of your stir-up Sunday baking you could win a copy of Delia's Happy Christmas book and a supply of Carr's Flour. Simply 'Like' us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more details. 

Delia's Traditional Christmas Pudding

Christmas with Delia Online    

tyrannyoftins230 delias-happy-christmas This week we are bringing you an answer to the other headache we all suffer from at Christmas, besides deciding what to cook and when to cook it. What to buy as presents.

If you have to buy for someone who loves cooking, or needs some encouragement to do so, take a look at our Equipment and Bakeware Range. We have salt and pepper mills, that come with a lifetime guarantee, high quality textiles designed by Delia, a 'sauce' pan and frying pan and a range of tins and liners, all made to the highest quality and the exact sizes for all the recipes in our Cookery School and the book of Delia's Cakes.

Visit our Christmas page and see all the previous collections


Venison - lean and low in fat

Venison is in season at the moment, and can be used in most recipes instead of beef.

Here we have five of Delia's venison recipes with a great choice of a slowly braised casserole that freezes extremely well, sausages braised in red wine, pot-roasted and simply served with fluffy mash, quickly grilled served with a red onion confit. And for a special occasion supper for two, Venison Steaks with Cranberry Cumberland Sauce.

Click the images below for Delia's venison recipes.

val-venison-25325 wi087-venison-sausages-in-r-18774 wi114-pot-roasted-beef-in-r-18704 venison-steaks-24497 ma007-venison-steaks-cranbe-18766

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