What should you be cooking this month?

This month there are plenty of apples around for you to try out Delia’s English Apple Pie recipe and of course pears are still in full swing. 

Blackberries, plums, greengages and damsons are right at their end so you’ll need to be quick to buy them before they disappear and with plenty of recipes for jams and preserves you have time to fill up your store cupboard.   For the more exotic, look out for dates, figs and passion fruit.  If it’s October it must mean Brussels sprouts – now is a good time to get them on for Christmas lunch!  Leeks, parsnips and runner beans are now joined by two new kids on the block; swede and turnips.

Duck should start to appear this month as well as guinea fowl, partridge and pheasant.  For fish and shellfish at its best, try lemon sole, scallops, crab and mussels.

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