What should you be cooking in March?

The days begin to get longer, and things start to warm up in March, but we have a few vegetables that are now coming to their end. 

Sprouts (if you’re still eating them), parsnips, shallots, sweet potato, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks and swede will be disappearing this month, but cauliflower, and celeriac still have some time to go.  New arrivals to look out for are a colourful bunch, purple sprouting broccoli, spinach, spring onions, watercress and the bright colours of red and yellow peppers.

Bramley apples are also on their way out, so be quick to make Delia’s English Apple Pie but you should still see plenty of rhubarb.

Spring lamb and salmon will get us in the mood for milder days, and other fish, seafood and molluscs in season are bass and seabass (farmed), Dover and lemon sole, herrings, crab, mussels and scallops.(information courtesy of the Marine Conservation Society, Good Fish Guide)

Click on the ingredient name for more information and see below for Delia’s recipes using ingredients available this month.

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