Heinz Tomato Fritto Substitute

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Heinz Tomato Fritto Substitute

Alas none of my local supermarkets stock Heinz tomato Fritto. Do people just use Passata instead or is there something else?


Heinz Frito

This query has come up many times and it was one of my misgivings about this particular book when it was published. I presume you are using a recipe from Delia's Cheat's book. It is all well and good printing recipes specifying certain commodities but what if they are withdrawn from the market place as this seems to have been done? I use the recipe for the Spanish pork which specifies Heinz Frito and I use a jar of pizza topping from Asda which is similar in taste and consistency, it is also cheaper! I think you can use anything really, just use your own judgement, I think passata would also be suitable.


Recipe for fried tomatoes

Although it may seem contrary to the 'cheat' idea, you could bulk-cook this when tomatoes are in season and freeze it. I found the recipe on the internet, and the person who gave it said she was quite happy for it to be passed on. Never having tasted the 'cheat' ingredient, I can't comment on resemblance or lack of it!
1 medium onion, peeled & chopped
Garlic cloves to taste, peeled & chopped
3 tbsps olive oil
1 kg tomatoes, peeled & chopped (or use tinned)
1 tsp sugar

Fry onion & garlic in oil until soft and transparent.
Add tomatoes, mash together & cook 15 mins.
Take off heat, liquidise or process with basil.
Season with salt & sugar.

Hope this helps.

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