Frying pan for induction hob

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Frying pan for induction hob

Delian recommends a frying pan but it cannot be used on an induction hob, can anyone recommend an alternative one that can be used on an induction hob. Thanks.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Frying Pan for induction hob

Hello Hennies,

We haven’t tested any induction pans but the Delia Online frying pan is 20cm x 4.5cm with a base measurement of 17cm if you have one or can find one that is similar with an ovenproof handle.

Best wishes



Use regular pans on an Induction hob

I found it very frustrating when we moved into rented accomodation and found that none of my pans would work on the induction hob. A friend gave me a set of adapter rings that allowed me to use my exiting pans. The adapters are metal circles that on one side work with the induction hob, and on the other transmit the heat into your pan. It's like magic, and you don't need to buy new pans! My friend bought them in Selfridges but you can probably find them in a good cook store


Frying pan for induction hob

Adaptor rings can be useful if you only use an induction hob for a short time.
But if it's your standard cooking mode then you won't be making the most of Induction using the adaptor rings, and you lose the safety features. See the article below:

"If you have a special pan that will not work on an induction cooker, it is possible to purchase an induction cooking adapter, which is a cast iron plate to sit on the hob. The idea is that the plate gets hot and will heat any pan placed on top of it. These do work, but you lose many of the advantages of speed and safety as the plate gets extremely hot and takes a long time to cool – perhaps better just to buy a new pan."


Frying pan alternative?

Hi Hennies,
I also have an induction hob and was wondering if you managed to find a good alternative frying pan?

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