Coriander seeds

 Coriander seeds Key facts This seed is a key ingredient in garam masala; coriander seeds are not only used in curries but are also used to pickle ingredients and in sausage-making; coriander seed is said to help digestion.
The leaves of coriander (like fresh limes) became the subject of 'Delia-hype' in the early 1990s. I'm unrepentant because attention was drawn to two very important ingredients. But here we are concerned not with the leaves but with the tiny beige-brown seeds, a magical spice that is said to have the flavour of roasted orange peel. Since I have been using the leaves I have come to discern the connection between the two, even though they're at the same time different. Coriander seeds are important in curries, Middle Eastern and Greek dishes.
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Spiced Pilau Rice with Nuts

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Spiced Pilau Rice is part of the Delia Online Cookery School

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