Happy vanilla bean ice cream with raisins soaked in pedro ximenez sherry

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Raisins Soaked in Pedro Ximenez Sherry

Pedro Ximenez sherry is sweet, nutty and tastes of raisins.

An easy instant dessert with a wonderful combination of flavours. If you have some good-quality vanilla bean ice cream stashed away in the freezer, the raisins will keep in a jar as long as you want, and you can serve it any time you like.

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This recipe is from Delia's Happy Christmas. Serves 4

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Put the raisins and sherry in a screw-top jar, give it a shake and store in a cool place for at least a week.

Serve scoops of ice cream topped with raisins and sherry - and give everyone a glass of Pedro Ximenez on the side.


good-quality vanilla bean ice cream
4 tablespoons Pedro Ximenez sherry

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