Cheese: Grana Padano

Alex Mackay - cook, teacher, writer and food lover - shares his seasonal recipes featuring Grana Padano as part of our sponsored promotion

Grana Padano is the world's best-selling PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). It is produced exclusively from raw, partially skimmed milk from the production area in the Po River Valley (Pianura Padana) in Northern Italy following strict traditional methods, ensuring ultimate quality, authenticity and traceability. Each wheel is matured for a minimum of 9 up to 24 months. Rich in calcium and proteins it takes 15 litres of milk to produce a kilo of this precious cheese. Most of the macro-and micronutrients in milk, excluding lactose and whey proteins, are present in Grana Padano, which can be eaten as part of a lactose-intolerant diet.
Food doesn't get any better when its shared with family and loved ones so whether you're entertaining for New Year, needing the warmth of comfort food on cold January evenings or kick starting a healthier you in 2021, our collection of 12 recipes highlighting the versatility of Grana Padano are made for sharing.

For more about its characteristics, nutritional values and consorzio (non-profit organisation for producers and curers to protect and promote Grana Padano PDO cheese worldwide) visit
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