Whole Egg Mayonnaise for Chunky Sauce Tartare


This sauce has a mayonnaise base, which in this case is made by the quick method: that is, using a whole egg and a food processor blender.  

The sauce will keep in a clean screw-top jar in the refrigerator for up a week. It can be served with any plain-grilled fish, fishcakes and it does go really well with Shallow Fried Fish and Fried Skate Wings (see related recipes below). You can now watch how to make Chunky Tartare Sauce in our Cookery School Video, just click the image to play.

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This recipe is from Delia's Complete How to Cook.

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Begin by breaking the egg into a processor or blender.

Add the salt, garlic and mustard powder (cover the larger feeding hole in the lid with a piece of cling film) then switch the motor on and, through the feeder tube, add the oil in a thin, steady trickle, pouring it as slowly as you can (it takes about 4 minutes). When the oil is in and the sauce has thickened transfer to a bowl and add some black freshly milled pepper. Then fold in all the other ingredients and finally stir in the lime juice.


Equipment: You will also need a small food processor with a feeding hole in the lid

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