Ice-cream Sodas

An ice-cream soda is a cross between a drink and a sundae. 

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For children, ice-cream sodas can simply be a matter of placing two scoops of ice cream into a sundae glass (or a tumbler will do).

Pour over 75ml of cordial and adding a bottle of soda - which will give it a beautiful frothy head. 

Instead of soda and cordial you could pour cola or authentic lemonade for the same effect; what it must have is some fizz.  You'll need to give everyone a straw and a long spoon. For a more special ice-cream soda, make up some lemon syrup as for Home-made Lemonade (see below) and assemble as above.


two scoops of ice cream per glass
75ml cordial per glass
soda water to top up


Sundae glasses or tumblers

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