Ingredient chicken cauliflower

Cauliflower and cape broccoli

Home-grown cauliflowers are available all year and have thankfully shaken off their rather unfair soggy, smelly reputation from days of school dinners. 

Look for creamy florets, and perky green leaves, and remember not to overcook it, especially if you are making cauliflower cheese. In the winter months we grow something called cape broccoli, which has dark-purple curds instead of the creamy-white. This has a more distinctive flavour and is good, I think, to ring the changes.

They’re both cooked in the same way, so remove the tough outer leaves, keeping the younger tender ones, which not only can be cooked and eaten, but their presence in the cooking imparts extra flavour.

You can watch how to choose, prepare and cook the perfect cauliflower by clicking here

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