Win the chance to be an archaeologist for a day with DigVentures and Tad The Lost Explorer

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In celebration of the movie release Tad the Lost Explorer & The Secret of King Midas we're giving you the opportunity to win one of five DigVentures experiences so if you've ever wanted to try archaeology, this is your chance to take your family on a unique day out.

In cinemas on February 9 with previews on 3 & 4 February Tad the Lost Explorer & The Secret of King Midas is a great family movie.

After Sara Lavroff discovers one of the three gold rings from King Midas' necklace, proving that this ruler who turned everything he touched into gold really did exist, Tadeo travels to Las Vegas to join his friend at the exhibition where this incredible archaeological discovery will be revealed for the first time ever.

Tadeo and Sara's happy reunion turns sour when villain Jack Rackham and his crew of bandits steal the jewel and kidnap the young archaeologist, knowing full well that whoever puts the three rings from King Midas' necklace back together again, from then on will inherit his power and immense wealth.

Tadeo will have to be cleverer than ever before in order to save Sara and destroy Rackham's wicked plans, as he travels halfway round the world, through Spain, Greece and Turkey, alongside his friends the Mummy, Belzoni the parrot, his dog Jeff and the latest cast of characters to join the adventure.

DigVentures is a team of professional archaeologists who run excavations that anyone can join in with. Since 2012, hundreds of people have helped the team investigate ancient sites all over the country, including a lost medieval village in Yorkshire, and a small Anglo-Saxon monastery on Lindisfarne that was the first place in the UK to be attacked by the Vikings!

DigCamp is a day that's specially designed for parents and children to enjoy together. Filled with archaeology and fun, it's a great way to get outdoors and learn about the past while being part of a real, live, in-progress excavation at one of the UK's most exciting archaeological sites.

You'll get to dig alongside the professionals, learn about archaeology togerher, and use some of the latest tech and coolest gadgets around. You'll get to identify your finds, and lift them out of the ground. Plus, anything you discover will become part of an online database that will be analysed by experts, and be available for all the world to see.

Whether you love history, enjoyed watching Time Team, or just fancy trying something completely new, DigVentures aims to make archaeology accessible to everyone. Find out more at

For your chance to win one of five DigVentures experiences worth £90 each simply answer the question below. If the question isn't visible, please log in or register, then return to this page to enter.

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