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September has arrived which means the new autumn season is upon us! Take stock of your kitchen equipment this month as we introduce you to the Samurai collection of knives from Stellar cookware - Yanagiba, Debra, Usuba and Santoku plus the newest arrival, the essential Bread knife. 

Japanese delicacies are a little different from traditional English cuisine and consequently the knives that help prepare are different too. Yanagiba has a long narrow willow blade used in sushi kitchens everywhere to prepare sashimi and seafood. The Debra knife is designed for slicing and boning fish and poultry and excels as a chopping knife being heavy enough to crack crab shell and tenderise meat. For the preparation of fruit and vegetables, the Usuba knife with its blade being ideally shaped for rapid cutting action, works a treat and finally the Santoku knife, considered by the Japanese to be the best all round knife for performing slicing, dicing and mincing. With the newest Samurai bread knife added to the collection, this knife is thinner and lighter than other knives typically found in the UK, with single sided blades and taper ground resulting in a razor-sharp edge that runs the full length of the blade.

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