One of the food highlights in the autumn is game, fast enjoying a revival in popularity as people seek to eat home-grown produce. So whether you prefer pheasant, partridge or venison, it's all here

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Guinea Fowl au Vin
Terrine of Venison with Juniper and Pistachio Nuts and Cranberry and Orange Compote
Rabbit in Cider
Old-fashioned Raised Game Pie
Old English Rabbit Pie
Easy Game Pie
Pheasant Terrine
Roast Quail Wrapped in Pancetta and Vine Leaves with Grape Confit
Pot-roasted Partridges with Red Cabbage, Garlic and Juniper
Braised Wood Pigeon with Cider Apple Sauce and a Confit of Apples and Shallots
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Main Ingredient
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Fair game
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