Even those who claim not to have a sweet tooth will find it impossible to resist Delia's fabulous sweet offerings, from cakes to ice cream, crumbles to creamy fruit puddings.

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Pink Champagne Jellies with Champagne CreamServes 6

Pink Champagne Jellies with Champagne Cream

This is a tried and trusted recipe and one of my personal favourites. The Champagne cream is best made at the last minute, with Champagne from a freshly opened bottle – it's a great experience actually eating it with all the bubbles in it

Port and Claret JelliesServes 4

Port and Claret Jellies

All that's involved here is a quick-dissolving packet jelly and a generous amount of port and claret. For this reason it is strictly an adult jelly, so I'm afraid drivers will have to have something else.

Chunky Apple and Mincemeat Sponge PuddingServes 6-8

Chunky Apple and Mincemeat Sponge Pudding

This is a winner for a family Sunday lunch. Because it's a light sponge, it's not as devastatingly calorific as a suet pud. It also has the advantage of being blissfully simple, taking only 5 minutes to mix from start to finish.

Festive Sugar PlumsMakes 12

Festive Sugar Plums

These are great to serve with coffee and drinks after dinner, and are so simple - they're literally made in moments.

Apple and Orange CrunchServes 4

Apple and Orange Crunch

I like this crunchy pudding, served with proper custard sauce or, failing that, a thick pouring cream.

Traditional Apple CharlotteServes 4

Traditional Apple Charlotte

A glorious combination of crisp buttery bread crust and soft fragrant apples makes this a wonderful family dessert during the apple season and beyond. Just add cream!

Home-made CrumpetsMakes 12

Home-made Crumpets

Why bother making them? Well, try this recipe and you'll soon see why. For very little time, effort and money, you'll make crumpets that are infinitely better than anything in the shops. Spread with butter for a real treat.

Spiced Bread Pudding with Brandy CreamServes 6

Spiced Bread Pudding with Brandy Cream

Sometimes this gets confused with bread-and-butter pudding, but it's quite different. It was invented, I think, to use up stale bread, which is still a good reason for making it – however, it has developed into something so wonderful, it's worth lett

Mini Christmas PuddingsServes 4

Mini Christmas Puddings

The perfect Christmas pud for busy people - you can forget all that stirring and macerating with this one! Quick and easy...and it cooks in an hour! If you want to make it ahead it freezes well.

Chocolate Fudge with Roasted Nuts and RaisinsMakes 60 squares

Chocolate Fudge with Roasted Nuts and Raisins

This is another Canary Catering favourite, which we serve with coffee – it is widely appreciated and we always have lots of pleas for the recipe.

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